A few weekends ago I decided to stay in with Daria the complete season, bleach kit, whole bunch of dyes and plenty of hair treatment! I've always stayed away from bleaching my hair myself but fueled by the confidence that a ton of youtube videos gave me, I dove right in. Originally, I wanted silver ends but settled for multicoloured then gradually lilac ends instead. Things went wrong but worked out in the end and I didn't loose half my hair or nothing! Also, I lied, I'm not over coloured hair.

topshop butterfly lace body, dr denim jeans, clear rain booties (from the goods blog), xray bag from etsy

It's been a week now and my hair has finally started to recover a little bit after doing treatments every time I washed my hair. Because the ends of my hair had undergone bleaching, colouring and plenty of processing I knew it would be a bit of a risk for a home job. I had been obsessing over silver hair so I decided to give it a go. The next bit is pretty boring, me blabbing on about how I did it and how it went, based on a bit of research and personal opinion so if you're interested please do read on!

I started by bleaching my hair twice using Manic Panic Flash Lightning 30 vol, for 45 mins the first time then 20 mins the second time, smearing it in with gloved hands and using a brush where I can. This was the scary part I always feared, my hair went stretchy (as in when you get one strand and pulled on it it doubled in length, but didn't snap), I stopped at this point and calmly saturated the shit out of my ends with Kerastase damaged and brittle hair rinse and did a moisture treatment straight after that! At that point it did get to a very pale shade of blond with golden and green hints in it and after I dried it, the hair seemed okay. I wasn't wimping out now!

I heard that colouring right after bleaching is good to restore some strength in your hair by imitating or rebuilding some of that protein so I went ahead and toned it with Manic Panic's Virgin Snow (apparently it's a semi permanent colour like any other manic panic pot rather than toners that say, wella make). Some parts went really white:

Still rather green, I made my own toner using a tiny bit of Fudge Paintbox Blueberry Hill, some paintbox paler shade of white (I like virgin snow better, it works better for me and doesn't dry out my hair like this does) and tons of argan oil conditioner. To tone green down you use a purple toner, so I left it in for ten minutes. The goldy green green faded alot and turned a few parts greyish. I ended up leaving this mixture on for longer because I liked the lilac and pink tinges (as blueberry hill is a red based purple rather than blue) it was leaving. It was all multicoloured the first few days before I washed my hair (because the tops of my head is a darker shade of purple, the colour rinses down and blends it in gradually):

Good idea to save a bit of this concoction for when you need to redo the ends if the brassy colours/green creeps back in!

I didn't really have a clear idea of what I would end up and I have super fine hair so I wouldn't say that my hair is that resilient but I'm glad I had this little experience and my hair is also getting back to decent health after all that! Plenty of keratin, ceramide and moisture treatments afterwards as well as good old olive oil in wet hair works a dream. Salons will definitely take better care of you and good ones definitely know what they're doing but I mean I have had my hair snap each time I brushed it after going to a good salon the first couple of times I bleached and coloured my hair. Fallout after doing it myself hasn't been more than the usual, I guess I'm glad it all worked out despite the patchy less than perfect job and I just want more purple in my wardrobe to match! Hope I have explained the process okay, not recommending this for the faint hearted but if you're strapped for cash and need a medium-level project on your hands, it's hair in the end, so have fun do it if you really want to!

Got any tips for me? Favourite treatments, serums, hair savers, drop me a line!


Shin said...

you remind me so well of My Little Pony with your new hair! :) and i hope you be careful with all those treatments.. Also, i see Damned in your bag! Damn yeah. All Chuck readers seem cool. *u*

Lümi said...

Looks pretty, and your hair's still so long! Lucky!
I went silver/white myself last year, bleaching it by myself and as my hair is naturally dark brown, it was really difficult to get but after a couple of months of doing it gradually it worked out. After that I had this stupid idea to dye it black and cut a substantial amount off... Now I've bleached again and dyed it with directions violet, it fades to a super nice silver so i'm excited as to how it turns out later.
I found out though, that there's a bleach free home kit called 'color b4' (i live in the uk but there's probably an equivalent in australia) and it strips hair colour out, probably an easier way to go white/silver from dark dyed hair instead of straight out starting with bleach, i've never used it though...

themilkclub said...

ahh you did it!!! it looks amazing *O* i can't believe you even bleached/dyed it all yourself. the stretchy hair thing sounds so creepy, like when people say bleached hair feels like jelly when its wet. keratin is the bomb though, a couple of years ago i had keratin straightening treatment and it made my hair the softest EVER. can't wait to see when you find more clothing to match your hair !!
p.s. that topshop butterfly top is amazing, reminds me i found some butterfly tattoos in the city the other day and got so excited :D

cloudo3 said...

amazing, I think I want to dye my hair again (just when I thought I was over dyed hair too)


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Your hair looks wonderful! I wish I was more adventurous with my hair. Unfortunately, my parents veto every plan of mine.

Tyler Lim said...

You did such a good job, awesome colour!

anna Sonata said...

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jehlei said...

ahhh your hair is gorgeous !!!! :) i love it when the colour is half washed out ! thanks for putting this up ! :) when i tried to get the green out of my hair, i used la riche directions 'violet' :) thanks for posting the products you used !! :)

Esocalling said...

Your hair looks so gorgeous! I love all the colors.. I just found your blog and added it to my reading list! I love it, you seem really interesting and I love your style. And of course you are unbelievably gorgeous :3

Jen Hatesu said...

Always have fun seeing the endless amount of things you have going on in your pictures!

Good job on the hair, I kind of like the blue/green/white thing you had but really you can pull any color off!

Jen Hatesu

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