Constructed Perfection

Editorial live online at Polyesterzine! I worked with my favourites Rose Pophalf and Somewhere Nowhere ft. internet's favourite sweetheart Ellen Sheidlin


Choi 彩

While I was in Hong Kong I teamed up with Somewhere Nowhere and Rose NG for a shoot featured in La Monda Magazine! We trekked out with our model squad (consiting of Bbysenpai, Ruby Gloom, Aka and Kikko Lam) to Choi Hung Village - the housing estate that appears to be a pastel dream fantasy.

Full spread after the break!

DYNASTI- 贰零肆陆 by Rose NG

When I was in Melbourne early last year; I had the pleasure of staying with Rose Ng and Ice Cheung - of Dynasti. After I came home in a food coma to a frozen house due to the malfunctioning heating system, to my dismay, we setup a makeshift studio space in the living room and shot this amazing series and video. There were no complains as we shot into the early hours of the morning because we knew we were merely vessels materialising Rose's stylised vision, a re imagining of Wong Kar Wai's movie 2046. The whole experience has really got me proud of my roots; looking into Chinese culture and tradition and just being inspired by Chinese aesthetics, a philosophy that drives Dynasti

Full spread and video after the break!


Furry Phenomenon

It's been a lifetime since I've posted on here! I have been giving my furries my 100% attention, it is a tough gig hand making every single order. It's so worth it, sending a piece of myself out with every pht goody. I will never give up. 

Here is a shoot featured in Aether Magazine Issue 6 (like real hold in your hand mag!!!), shot by my friend and rising star Rose Ng. Full spread and more about what I have been up to after the break!


So Spooky So Kitty Guts

For Halloween this year I'm going to be a Hello Kitty fanatic - like a stalker, wanna kill and stuff you add to my collection (just for halloween though)! My local fabric store has the cutest selection of Hello Kitty fleece at the moment. Every time I go in for supplies I have to go visit the HK section and pat it all and stare for a while... (stalker face).

More this way...


Fuzzy Arcade

Hi bbs!! So excited to finally put this shoot up that we shot with Jonathan Rae, my no.1 photographer.  My friend Stella (@thugpony) and I made the clothing and accessories. I FINALLY got around to editing it up psycho! So much fun!

More after the break! Enjoy and hopefully I'll make more fun stuff like this! All furries and accessories available from my store if you're interested :D


Sailor Saturn

New Sailor Moon is definitely growing on me! Nevertheless I'm still quite attached to the one of our (earlier) childhood and remain conservative about how big their eyes should be and itching get to the part where the extra bad ass Sailor Stars come into the mix, such as Saturn. I know I know, not by a long - shot but a girl can dream right? Black bob and turtleneck, I can dress up like my fave Sailor Star... when she's a norm... :p 

More this way!


DIY: Plushie Heart Earrings

Expect more DIY's from now on - I really enjoyed making these earrings and tutorial for you! I got the inspiration from Bubbles Tokyo and I had all my leftover heart cutouts from my backpacks too. I don't like to waste after all!

With these bad boys, you can have endless cuddles when you're out an about or opt for a quick snooze on the bus, they are so super cushy and soft!!

I hope you guys try it, it was super easy and probably took me 20 mins if I wasn't filming the whole process. Please let me know how you go and what you would like to see more in the future!