DYNASTI- 贰零肆陆 by Rose NG

When I was in Melbourne early last year; I had the pleasure of staying with Rose Ng and Ice Cheung - of Dynasti. After I came home in a food coma to a frozen house due to the malfunctioning heating system, to my dismay, we setup a makeshift studio space in the living room and shot this amazing series and video. There were no complains as we shot into the early hours of the morning because we knew we were merely vessels materialising Rose's stylised vision, a re imagining of Wong Kar Wai's movie 2046. The whole experience has really got me proud of my roots; looking into Chinese culture and tradition and just being inspired by Chinese aesthetics, a philosophy that drives Dynasti

Full spread and video after the break!

- 贰零肆陆 - from Rose on Vimeo.