other images scanned by me; the celestial mirror by warren kenton

"The great celestial man with his body made up f the zodiac was a synthesis of working principles, each sign depicting a cosmic, terrestrial and organic function. Events above were matched by a response below, although not always in the most obvious way. Thus mars is a positive sign, aries might give one man a head wound or impel another to impulse; on a larger scale it could initiate a daring commercial enterprise, or precipitate war."

Beat Poet sheer mesh knit
and this is the rabbit's foot necklace I made,
japanese yen jingle and dangle
now there's a shitload of luck.
Feel free to ask about one!

So I haven't been bothered with colour lately
(have I ever been really?),
since my hair is freshly red again!
Thank you to all those tips
from you beautiful girls about the diligent
maintenance of a fiery red mane.