Last weekend I was at Splendour! If you haven't heard of it, it's a 3 day festival you camp at. I was so glad to have seen all the bands I wanted, except for broken social scene wahhh. Anyway, highlights were the strokes, black rebel, pixies, grizzly bear, foals, yacht club dj's, veggie burgers and that vegan fried rice place that had those curry ball things you get from Govinda's, except better! DROOL, they had such good food there, organic, gluten free, vegan...I wish I could eat like that back here. They also had markets filled with vintage goods and pop up stores and art gallery in those massive crate things. It's scary to think how big it was - with 30,000 people with 20,000 camping (you can just make out the sea of hands in the last photo). It was so hard coming home though, to peace and quiet and no timetable to rush off to :(. But showers, a clean bathroom and a warm bed, you do take for granted.