Sara Lee (ice cream?) shirt, velvet leg avenue thigh high socks, cheap monday men's suede jacket, doc martens cut out boots.

Like my new Sara Lee shirt? I got this from Bauhaus in Hong Kong, apparently it's a New Zealand label, each, 'the mountain' shirt (in the way that they are depicting wolves or native american indians), is one of a kind, pimped out with chains, holes, rips and mesh. I have yet to track down her site or more info, but will update when I do!

I was wrapped up in biker leather all last winter so my outfits looks a little tired, so I fell in love with my new super soft suede jacket, by cheap monday, at first sight. It's the men's version, the length and baggy shirt feel of it all is perfect for this long winter!!

If this discussion is relevant to the climate in which you reside, what's your idea of the perrrfect jacket for the winter?

P.S. This song is so sexy even after all these years, I can't help myself. I think there should be a video of robo geisha scenes to this.