Scary Monsters

lace vintage crop singlet, love borrowing mum's Alannah Hill cardigans, mum's old Versace jeans and belt, skull bracelet from harajyuku.

I wore this today with my new creepers, holy shit the blisters I got though, limping home in the dark GAH! But they're good with ankle socks you know....

How do you like my new deer head I put up? My friend got it for me from Amsterdam, using it necklace holder, sweet.

Dubstep is ridiculous but I've managed to actually like Canblaster and Night Slugs to name a few. What I'm really into are bands of the Salem strain eg. gothic, electronic, hip hop with just a hint that 'wop wop' bass (HAHA, yeah they really call it that?).

How do you feel about it, I've only started exposing myself to a few things, any recommendations?

P.S Few more items listed on http://panache-goods.blogspot.com/.