Wavelength 440-490 nm

In response to every one's questions about the shade of my hair :)

I have bleached my hair beyond the point of return! I was red before and apparently a hard colour to strip down. So after many toning and bleaching sessions later I was barbie doll blonde. I wouldn't recommend it because it took my hair a while to fully recover (from snapping every time I brushed it) even then, it's pretty fried! I got ultraviolet purple put in at the hairdressers and after washing and natural fading, I played around with manic panic semi-permanent hair colour purchased online, ebay is your best bet for value.

I use:

Lie Locks
Shocking Blue
Atomic Turquoise (which I have freshly done in this post)

With these I like to mix and put in different sections of my hair every month of so or whenever I feel like it. From my understanding, it's not as harmful or contain as much chemicals as supermarket dyes that use ammonia etc. They do wash out after a few washes but prolonged with cold washes and colour safe/sulfate free shampoo and conditioner (I use bedhead superstar which smells deliciously like strawberry lollipops).

Hope I have answered all your questions!