jeremy scott knit crop top (rodarte lace-up shorts), cheap monday lace up jeans, creepers from japan, backpack from charity store

During the deadly OC sales, I willingly gave into temptation! But it's always a joy receiving the package; makes you feel like you were really there, everything's wrapped up, in an OC bag and all.

But on another note, some readers were offended by this UNIF shirt I recently posted about. It's not a swastika and I am in no way a facist, neo-nazi or intolerant of other races, ethnicity, cultures, beliefs (if you know me at all). Within its context, it's a parody and I agree it can pack in a bit of punch for some, especially obscured by a jacket.

Led me to think about the adoption of symbols by entities and the resulting meaning or stigma associated:

Take the swastika; it dates back to ancient India as well as ancient Greece and Rome. Before the persecution of millions under this emblem, it was used to bring good luck or ward off evil. Despite reprenting violence, evil and death to Western cultures, the swastika is still widely used in Eastern religions such as Hindusim (symbolizing the path in heaven of the sun god) and Buddhism (meaning eternity).

Let's not forget the pop pop peace sign, or rather, Nero's cross or the Teutonic rune of death. Nero (5th roman emperor), who despised Christians, crucified the Apostle Peter on a cross head downward. Nero believed that there would be world peace without Christianity and thousands of Christians were martyred under the rule of Nero. Hence, considered an anti-christian sign and later associated with satanism, it was also claimed to have communist and Nazi connotations. In Rudolf Koch's Book of Signs it explains the downward pointed fork represents the death of man and placed in the circle the symbol means the total death of all people. Apparently, the hand signal began as a symbol of Satanic benediction during rituals, um, so, be right back...

So a lot people imply meaning without understanding its history, and that's where the intention of harmless parody comes into effect, for me, (also because of UNIF's use of aged, soft cotton). All in all, that's only my own opinion but if I have offended or upset you, I hope this clears the air a tad.