La Planète Sauvage (1973)

vintage mohair cropped sweater, backpack and wool skirt, tokyo bopper platforms, sun pendant from Dubai.

It might seem silly but it took me a while to track down wine coloured socks! Though I got this amazing skirt off my friend Maria, who is making the move to Japan; utterly jello I'm stuck here for a another two semesters, stagnant, completing the rest of uni, wasting away or something.

Anyway, I saw Fantastic Planet the other night at GOMA (apart of the Surrealism exhibition) and thought it was just lovely. I wish that I could wear what the Draags' dressed the Oms in; little joker outfits with pink bobble crocodile feet. They even showed a short film by Dali at the beginning, I forgot what it was called but it was heart-breakingly beautiful.