Camp Kitsch

I may be behind the times, captivated by the deceptive stagnation of tumblr and video games but I fallen in love with Philip Colbert, in recent online trawls. Genius. Converging personal expression and commercial design (with his collaboration with OVA), ultimately earning his reigns of creative expression, shown through his brainchild, The Rodnik Band. He loves art so much, he likes to rip it off the walls and shove humans into them accompanied by trash electronic pop, intended (free download here, wooo). Look, he is even lying on the runway...doesn't that image capture his essence entirely!? Re-contextualizing the fashion bubble and conceptualizing a unique brand, this is a man who's skin I'd love to wear for a day.

I'm extra excited that some of his pieces are available on NJAL. Marcel Duchamp anyone?