Slow Down

A while back in Melbourne I was lucky enough to hang out and get shot by Winter's Children! The lovely duo consisting of Alicia Maybir and Josie Gelling are all about a certain heartfelt process involving film photography, (sometimes mixing digital) then playing with mixed media and a nostalgic way of 'waiting things to dry.'

No doubt these girls are onto something here! Part 1 and part 2 are up but still waiting in anticipation for many more posts to come from our shoot, still being cooked up as we speak! In the mean time, here's a little more about them...

How did it all begin/how did you guys meet?
So we met this one time in grade 7 primary school in Cairns and then we went through a faze of emailing each other from our primitive hotmail accounts every single day for about 3 weeks. We used to get really into it, changing all the colours, fonts and sizes it was like windows 95 multicolour, lucida sans vomit, pretty great. And so here we are 9 years later. As far as the blog goes after high school we were living in different cities and both had shitty personal blogs, so then we decided to combine them and make one big shitty blog thus the birthing of Winter's Children.

3 words that describe winters children?
toxic diabetes banana

What/who inspires you to create?
rubbish, music, culture, film, friends, drop kicks, books, posters, nostalgia, food, freaks, bad dreams, good dreams, cheap wine, lack of sleep.

What's next for winters children (any exciting projects coming up)?
At the moment we're collaborating with a bunch of really cool people, It's all pretty up in the air at the moment but we'll be keeping y'all updated on our facebook and all the other social networking crap we have out there.

If you guys had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Top 3 movies of all time?
The next 3 movies Alicia makes... wink

The perfect soundtrack to your life?

Something you're looking forward to?
Continuing to travel the world with our imaginary money!