Milk Teeth

OMIGODSH it's MILKBBI! I managed to wisk myself away to a super kawaii, frozen winter wonderland  (away from this dank Australian heat), thanks to Justin Wallis, mastermind behind the fantasy realm where chilhood, sugary-pastel dreams dwell. He is an illustrator who draws the most memorable, stylish and quirky characters, if only they all existed in an alternate universe, I would be GIF partying in baby technicolor and just be head over heels in love with all the cute boys, girls, aliens and puppies. Justin was lovely enough to send me my favourite goodies from his store and his boyfriend put in some temporary tattoos he makes because I have always been obsessed with them on instragram (@danielguerrerofernandez)!

backpack, sweatshirt, badges, zine, tattoos all by MILKBBI, clear vinyl choker from my new etsy store here and white platform boots coming soon

Taking a step out of my comfort zone with white platforms and a high pony, I'm getting into the spirit for Tokyo in April (for a solid few months)! Afterall 'kawaii' might as well be the new 90s...

Anyway, I've been blasting the air con, snug in my sweatshirt, pretending that I'm preparing for a white Christmas this year, with Justin on the other side of the interwebs...

1. what is your favourite food? right now i am craving torta chilena

2. something exciting you did today? i just woke up.. but i heard news there will be snow on xmas & it rarely snows here, thats exciting i guess ^^

3. what inspires or influences you the most? hmm~ fashion a lot. my favorite is japanese street fashion from the late 90s & modern brands like joyrich, . also video games, computers & cell phones (specifically, the way they operate). nature things too!~ like sunsets, cacti and strawberries~

4. what motivates you to create? its exciting! the possibility of creating something i really love and feel proud of~~ and getting to share it with people around the world who feel the same! 0:-)

5. tell us your favourite dream/most memorable/scariest...? ah i cant think of one now... but last night i dreamed i broke my new sunglasses from korean shop 'Style Nanda' and thaaaat was scary

6. who is your dream girl/boy/character what would she wear/be like? hmm thats hard! i dont usually draw the same character twice~~ but lately ive been feelin this lil one with a big bowl cut and oversized clothes ^^ idk if its a boy or girl tho~~~~ its really cool to me

7. what is milkbbi to you and how did it all starts?
miiilkkbbbiii issssss~~~ me! its meee and everything i love really~~ thats what i put into it anyway
it started with me posting my drawings online, it wasnt a big plan or anything. ~i had some goals and things i wanted to do, and i slowly worked towards them

8. what's next? i am going to costa rica for 3 months in january! so the shop is goin on a break ~~ but i'll be working while im there and im very excited to come back with some new ideas & products to share !!~~~ gonna keep growin & growin

9. christmas wish list? i got the nintendo 3DS XL ~~~ now i need a nice case :>

Justin has just sold out of these comfy-as-a-cloud sweatshirts but follow him on twitter or facebook for updates!

What's plans for Christmas? Hope you have the best holidays, get heaps of presents, feast and stay cool/warm and I will see you in the new year!