✿✿✿ Daisy ✿✿✿

Finally I have arrived in Tokyo! I've already been here for a week and it seems like I have chosen the wrong city to train myself to utilize self control and discipline. However, I am well aware that if I can do it here, I can do it anywhere. But we won't worry about that for now!



daisy emsemble shibuya 109, choker etsy, clear gumboots from panache goods here, iphone case pink latte

So far I have been out at Vision Sound Museum, seen Brodinski and Panteros666 (even the tips of the hair on the end of my arms could feel the bass, really seems they have no noise restrictions or public safety laws :D), we stayed out until we couldn't couldn't hear anymore (and until we discovered it's 6am) and attended a party at Saturdays Surf where Curtis Kulig did a live collaboration. I've also seen the beautiful Sakura, turned 23, spent quality with my best friend who I am finally reunited with and, of course, did way too much shopping.

If you have any suggestions about place to visit/things to do in Tokyo, hit me up, I'll update soon with more piccys and our cute tatami apartment!

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