Fresh Start

As you all now I have now closed my store! As this is a little sad as it was such a big part of my life, it's also such an exciting new start for me. Connecting with you all of you and leaving a small mark in the industry has been the best experience! In this fast paced fashion industry I thank all of you who have supported me and had my back. 

Thanks to all my stockists for believing in what I do it has been wild stocking at some of the biggest online stores, like Dollskill, Shop Jeen, Mary Jane Nite and also the coolest independent mortar store Distal Phalanx. Also, seeing my designs on such influential girls in the community and fighting against knockoffs by cult jap brand BUBBLES and even Ragged Priest. 

You were with me every step of the way!! It’s been 3 years since I made the bag that started it all and clear hearts are still popping up everywhere. What is original and what can you actually own? Everything is being appropriated constantly in this money driven industry. As I savour the pace of slow hand crafting, commercialism keeps moving which can become a stressful situation which affects my process.  I am just so grateful that whenever some of you see a clear heart design you immediately think of me and send me dms. You have made me feel like I have left my tiny mark in the world. 

Recently I feel that my craft is becoming a little impersonal and commercial. It's time for me to move on and continue to create as my style and aesthetics evolve. I will continue to fulfill any custom orders I'm only a DM away, closing the shop will enable a more personal way to create unique pieces and work closely with my customers. 

For now last items are available only on Dollskill exclusively while some samples and a few listings will be available on my DPOP: @wenopia.