Fuzzy Arcade

Hi bbs!! So excited to finally put this shoot up that we shot with Jonathan Rae, my no.1 photographer.  My friend Stella (@thugpony) and I made the clothing and accessories. I FINALLY got around to editing it up psycho! So much fun!

More after the break! Enjoy and hopefully I'll make more fun stuff like this! All furries and accessories available from my store if you're interested :D

Surprisingly, roaming around Sunnybank wasn't as daunting as I thought and people were super interested in our fluffy/clear designs! For those of you who don't know, Sunnybank is a suburb in Brisbane (go here for super WHITE version ayeee), IRL it's actually asian central where you get the best assortment of asian food, bubble tea, cube stores - where the girls dress up like Sailor Moon during the weekend and there's a great 200yen store. Like China Town but there are like three main shopping centres all facing each other full of all types of goodies! Sometimes you even feel like you're in HK or something, much authentic.