Weather Warning

studded collar shirt from hk, zara leather circle skirt, perspex clutch asos, JC litas, bobby socks from japan, julia deville turtledove bones cross earring .

I've always felt ready for sport in my white laced JC litas and decided to paint the heel black with fabric paint I had lying around. The shape looks way better, not to mention that we have rekindled our fiery romance after a long night out. They truly are one of the comfiest platform heels I've handled and can sure take hours of hard dancing...taking them off the shop as we speak...mwahaha mine!

On another note, the contents of my bag sure were appealing as I set it down to bust some moves. It went missing until someone returned it to the front desk. Apparently it was found in the boy's bathroom; all they took was my custom anime girl eating a man's innards, phone case and a measly fifteen dollars. So my iphone, credit cards and ID were safe, which I was SUPER grateful for. With those things being easily replaceable and the fact that the manager and runners of the venue were really supportive and looked after me for the rest of the night with drinks on the house, it was back to dancing in no time! Who knows, I might have owed them in a past life. Thus, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED about displaying your possessions via the means of a clear bag.

Anyway check out Helmut Smits, a multidisciplinary visual artist from The Netherlands! His work is like the convergence of simplicity and complexity. There is innocence but always embodies a sophisticated commentary on our modern world.