Pug Lyfe

Getting in the mood for blue denim overalls! From TLC, tupac to teenagers trapped in nightmares, how could I miss out on the fun? I saw a bunch at the ladies' market the other day, might go suss them out. Meanwhile, my black suede H&M ones will do me fine as too much denim might deem me some kind of smurf. I also got an extra embroidered mesh crop; up on the store!

I wandered around SOHO today snapping photos on my kitty cam. I love how trendy wine bars are juxtaposed against rustic Chinese herbal medicine and ingredient stores. I couldn't find some of the vintage/second hand stores that this guide mentions, apart from a few expensive antique stores and one that stocks Chanel amongst other high end labels, in Central. I've realized that rummaging for vintage bargains among charity stores just isn't on the menu here in Hong Kong, where it's seen as 'wearing dead people's clothes,' as my grandma explains. However, I did visit Retrostone which has awesome vintage inspired pieces like studded mountain man shirts and revamped fur and leather jackets (for a substantial price).