Marshmello Yellow

Rose knit sweater, shaggy coat from beverly island mall causewaybay (HK)

Whoa I don't know what the hell but it's real glitchy...um. Here's to those anons who bitch about gifs being too much for their eyes, enjoy! My favorite thing are mini malls in Hong Kong crammed full of tiny boutiques of affordable quirky/random things. I like getting lost in them, literally, and that they are a major fire hazard if anything was to go wrong. I found the cutest mlp unicorn at this GadgetZoo the other day tucked in this mini mall with a neon TOYMART sign, in Mong Kok. They have sweet headless doll jewelery, skeleton hand hair clips and eyeball scrunchies, so halloween. I like toys, they're such a satisfying buy. Don't you think?

P.S What do you think about the new header hey heeeey? My dear friend, Jackson Hambridge, an amazing artist who's done works for metal bands brought my idea to life (better than I could ever imagine it to be). He's a dedicated and charming fellow so if you need graphic/art work done, do not hesitate to get in touch with him!