A while back I was lucky enough to be asked to complete this ScreeNeration project for Forfex shoes. It was was SUPERFUN, I got sent any pair that I had a crush on and I would live any of his perfect creepers and brutal boots any day. I caught up with the Italian lady killer himself, Gio answers a few hard and fast questions.

What did you have for breakfast this morning? This morning I woke up late and I am in country hotel...the hotel man don't wanna give me nothing cuz the breakfast is finish but I pray him for some nutella and ice tea...so nutella and ice tea ~_~

The last movie you watched? Candy of Neil Armfield.

If you had to listen to one band/song for the rest of your life what would it be? Eeehm...this is a hard question...I listen much different music for different emotions, so it's not easy have all different emotions just with a kind of music, anyway I grow up with 90's music, aaand "alice in chains" was the best for stay around in country side with friends and my brother in the car very slow under the sun or in the night!

If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life what would it be? Eggs...I can cook those in many differents way but I think after 1 month probably my liver explode : S

Tell us about ScreeNeration? ScreeNeration is just a way for show different personality, my idea was take people from virtual world and they take photos or video with web cam of themselves with shoes or not... with music, personal objects, portraits, animals, no rules, I just want to see different worlds, of new generations - "screen generation."

When did forfex start? Forfex start for real 3-4 years ago.

Who do you want to see wearing forfex shoes? I don't care too much who wear Forfex I mean I am happy in general to see Forfex around, for sure I i like to see sexy legs of girls = )

Who else are we going to see on ScreeNeration? A copy of girls in love from west Europe or from exotic place.

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