DIY: Clear Drawstring Backpack

Excuse the thumbnails while I upgrade my cam, my 4 year old pro is getting jealous of my iphone 5. I've been getting back into sewing lately and made this clear bag from leftover materials and a bit of drawstring. It's super easy and I hope you like it!

Topshop cropped shirt, bershka sports clear jacket, american apparel shorts and socks, necklace gift from naked label, wedge sneakers.

To make the bag, I followed this youtube video but made the straps doubly long (for an adequate adult fit that doesn't strangle the armpits) and just added the plastic section in the middle of the bag. Instead of two pieces for the bag I had 2 X top sections for the bag which you sew over for the drawstring, 2 X plastic sections in the middle and one large piece for the base. I ended up adding some casings for the drawstrings for that extra detail! 

I've been also thinking about making fur ones, fully clear ones, vinyl ones, with different thickness/coloured drawstring, possibilities are endless! Good luck and tell me how you go...