W.A.S here

Nothing beats a cold winter's day in bed with some anime, my plushy friends and a big cosy jumper! A mysterious fashion killer babe, goes by 'With Asian Stereotypes,' sent a few goodies my way. Strictly about pale complexions and black clothing, she has recently launched a line of sweaters, tanks and a few accessories that is W.A.S. It's a bit dark, a bit horror manga. YUS. So we could be kind of kindred spirits. More after the break!

✌ More after the break!

I caught up with China to find our more about W.A.S!

1. Where did W.A.S come from (how did it all begin)?
Oh man, even I don't really know ha ha. If I had to sit down and think about it, as cliche as it might sound, Well, I think I was born to do both of these things. I just never had a proper outlet to share all of this pent up romanticised mess that filled my nights with open eyes and my mornings with dark circles. As if I'd make something and only show it to my friends and family, and that would be the end of it. So SHOP W.A.S. kinda emerged from the depths of my personal will. I think this living breathing business pretty much manifested itself out of nothing. If you had asked me 4 years ago, I'd have never guessed people would have responded so well to it. I just love every day of it!

2. Tell us a bit about the girl behind W.A.S?
I like to wear black clothes, work out, read manga, watch anime, sleep, eat and play video games. My life is perfect.

3. Who would most like to see sporting some W.A.S? 
Someone who in some way or another just "gets it". I don't think I have a particular person or type of people in mind. I'm the most happy when I see all walks of life wear something I made. Other than that, guys... I know quite a lot of men buy the brand. Gimme your damn outfit pictures, seriously.

4. What is your latest obsession?
The monogatari series, and this gareth pugh jacket.

5. A song to describe your current state of being?
Couldn't choose just one! O.Children - Red Like Fire, and Wye Oak - Civilian.