Baby Posh Spice Baby

It's Halloween but I'm missing out on all the parties this year as I'll be in Sydney for the weekend! Not stopping me from celebrating just a little, Baby Posh Spice style, like if they were cross bred...

vintage versace dress from kenji tokyo (favourite vintage store), opening ceremony x adidas shoes, sretsis bag, A land nail tattoos

Christmas came early, my boy got me these opening ceremony x adidas bad boys!! VOMM. Just been living in them since, goes with anything I sweeeeeaaaarrrrr.

On another note, I know you guys will be a little forgiving about going over the edges with the nails! I have to say that these are the easiest type of nail deco I have used and I've tried all types of stickers and pens... I got them from A land in Korea and I like how you can use them on your skin as well as they're just mini temporary tattoos! 

Don't despair there are tons of things on ebay and here, on rad nail's site, who have super cool nail art ideas that incorporate your fingers too! I'm also dying to get some Hex Nail Jewelry which is next level shizzz. Has anyone tried to make their own temporary tattoos? Please share!