It's my favourite time of year again! HALLOWEEN! So what's a girl to do??? On a budget - the usual; stock up on dark eyeshadows to create a skeleton look or stick to tradition and rock little red riding hood... been there done that! So inhibitions (money matters) aside, what look would you create this halloween using your most lusted after pieces!?

I've daydreamed up a few things for y'all, and noted a few handy tips for when you're actually putting some of these together for realsies (budget friendly)...

1. Cyber Mermaid


KTZ dress, Betsey Johnson earrings, Mario Salvucci devil fish necklace, Guerlain meteorites pearls, Essie nail polish, Chanel pearl conch clutch, Alexander McQueen shoes

Seapunk, cyberpunk, whatever the hell punk, that pearlescent is the answer. It's all about the glistening highlighted skin, coloured eyes that match your outfit and messy braided hair. Think body con or pencil skirts ladies (such as a cute bustier with this sequin number), we need to recreate that silhouette! Throw in a few statement pieces to really hone in on the fact that you rose up out of the water in a space ship submarine.

2. Vampy Vampire


Lover valentine mini dress, leather bra Etsy, Jadechiu Black Phoenix ring, Mara ring, Alexander McQueen embellished leather gloves, Marc Jacobs gold fox stole, Chanel rouge allure lipstick, Scarecrow shredders vampire fangs, Louis Vuitton patent leather cancan thigh high boots, Kissing fly phoenix ear cuff, Christopher Esber dress

Dark smouldering eyes and red vampy lips that don't quite close on your special FX fangs is key. Gnarly intimidating jewels suggest you ate a couple of dudes for breakfast, ripped out their skulls/spines for the molten metal you now wear on your dainty fingers. Vampires are kind of victorian right? Lace and boots like that really support claims you've been around for centuries...

3. Furby Raver

Unif furby sweater, Topshop knitted fluffy sweater, Topshop fluffy peltmet skirt, Unif Moody shades, Fleet Ilya cat ears, furby pencil case, jeremy scott shoes, limecrime lipstick

You probably have a few furry rave things lying about, if not pop into your local fabric shop and acquire the brightest most offensive or baby pastel combination of furs and cover your chosen toe-teasers, sew a crop top and skirt ensemble. Don't forget some frames and attempt an anime eye for those high on life LCD lights.

4. Ghetto Barbie

Kiko Mizuhara in Nasir Mazhar, barbie bella two toned contacts, sretsis crop, asos lace socks, etsy denim jacket, vera wang princess, fashion union pink mini, luv aj necklace

You can simply go for Kiko's Nasir Mazhar outfit because it's just perfection or if you're just an everyday jo blow like myself, opt for lots of pink, a girly circle skirt and a cute lacey crop. Pair it with a pimped out jacket and barbie accessories! Barbie thinks she's perfect and I guess she is, so she loves wearing things out with her own face on them.

5. Corpse Bride

corpse bride

Miu Miu boots, Pamela love silver pentagram ring and cross earrings, Chanel eyeshadow palete, Manic Panic goth white makeup, bunch of black dead roses Amazon, Sretsis dress, fake blood makeup

Sretsis's AW 2013 is so perfect for Halloween, from the day of the dead to the bone collector with their capes and dark dresses, the options are endless! This particular dress is so gothic, corpse bride. Up the witchy glamour with dark hollowed eyes and black lips (you were poisoned to death, sorry), dark jewels, ghostly white skin and fake blooooooooood (said hauntingly).

Whatever you end up doing, have a good one and please do share!

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