Too Cool for School

Korea is over!? Can't believe how fast it was, apart from being a mecca for kpop goodies, I got my fill of Korean cosmetics for the next ten years (dragging about 3kg's back home with me including snail face masks :O right, haven't tried it yet but apparently it's all the rage)!

luv aj necklace, vintage versace jeans from dog (tokyo), topshop socks, tokyo bopper platforms

sad there's no too cool for school back at home

One brand I'm going nuts for at the moment is Too Cool for School, the thing that makes me buy up on products I don't necessarily need new stuff of is super cute packaging that really melt your heart a little bit. Who doesnt love cute girls and dinosaurs... On top of that it's good quality makeup even though it's super affordable.

A more general shopping report (+ snail review) and photos of the trip coming up...


Maki Unicorn said...
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Maki Unicorn said...

my god i have a crush on cute packages and now i have to find this stuff in tokyo.


Rebecca said...

Snail masks, interesting

those jeans are so TOP


Amber Dennett said...

Love this outfit so cute :) x


Raissa Levis said...

Give me your pants!!!


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