Happy belated Halloween everyone! Can you believe it's another year already!? I decided to get off my lazy ass (at the last minute) and impress a few little kids I was expecting to be knocking on my door. Armed with only eyeliner, eyeshadow, half a bag of grape jam marshmallows (yeah trick or treating isn't that popular here, plus it was the only candy we had) wine, a good friend and Nightmare before Christmas on Foxtel, we ended up having quite the successful 'spooky' night in!

I'd tell you how to get this look but I'm no makeup blogger :S. I just went at it using a few google images as reference! Start with the palest powder or talc you have lying at home, a good eyeshadow fluffy brush as well as a thin eyeliner brush for eyeshadow work would be my no.1 tip. All up took me about less than 20 mins to get together, it's really that easy so hopefully this will help you for your next dress-up occasion!

A Nightmare Before Christmas has to be one of my all time FAVOURITE movies, I haven't seen it for ages and laughed SO hard, because it was adorable but mostly because we were imagining how freaked out the kids would be in reality (or the wine). Boy am I glad I didn't miss out on my slice of Halloween action this year, it is my favourite occasion of the year afterall.

Hope you had a good one! What did you get up to/what did you guys dress up as?