Nine cities/towns in just under 12 days, Eastern Europe seems a dreamy smudge in my books. It doesn't  even feel like it happened until I look at these photos! This is what I got on my film camera so far plus hiding behind curtains, chowing on sorbet swimming in vodka and other fun stuffs. More after the break!

✌ More after the break!

Day 1: Berlin

Day 2: Dresden

Bastei: Underwater a million years ago, castel turrets still stand wedged between the colossal ancient creations.

Day 3: Prague

Karlovy-vary: Hot Spring town where Europeans go to drink the healing waters, for retreats or for professional treatment for ailments.

Day 4/5: Vienna

One of Hundertwasser's unique and twisted creations

Mozart's memorial shrine, complete with treble clef garden

Day 5: Salzburg

Love locks on Makartsteg bridge, lovers engrave or write names on the locks and throw away the key symbolising eternal love.

Day 6: Slovenia (BLED)

Day 8: Croatia (Zagreb)