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Nine cities/towns in just under 12 days, Eastern Europe seems a dreamy smudge in my books. It doesn't  even feel like it happened until I look at these photos! This is what I got on my film camera so far plus hiding behind curtains, chowing on sorbet swimming in vodka and other fun stuffs. More after the break!

✌ More after the break!



I'm back from my Euro trip (fresh off the plane)! It went way too quickly and now I'm sitting here where I started, on my latptop, in Hong Kong. It feels like it never even happened yet the past two weeks seems like months have gone. 

Anyways, here's part two of my Tokyo diary: top 10.

1. The walk to MOT

2. Hanging out with John Felix Arnold III at Spes-Lab, Meguro

3. Roller Disco for our friend, Dave's birthday!

4. Frequent pre drinks at Izakaya/ending plenty of night there too

5. Friends DJ'ing at Trump

6. Sunday Drinks at Yoyogi Park

7. Day in Yokohama, yum cha buffet in China town and riding the vanishing coaster, more like a death coaster (so old it could fall apart at any moment).

8. Masquerade party at the pong, late night snacks at family mart!

9. Carpark drinks, Brisbane style

10. How midgety everyone looks in the Imperial Gardens/Hibiya


Tomato Smash

I get out of the house you know, even though I inhabit the skin of a vampire (sighh). Seekae, Current Rising, Twerps, Collarbones the rave and Advice from Your Mother through the Olympus Stylus Epic loaded with Holga 100 red film.

The Olympus is such a neat little guy to use, I got it from ebay, you kind of need to stalk it a little but it's worth it! I haven't been disappointed with the results so far, flash or no flash (even at night). I also need a decent film scanner so any recommendations will be appreciated!

Also need some summer projects to fill my time with (shows to watch, road tripping adventures, recipes to make), what have you been into at the moment?
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